It all starts before Sunrise! 

Junior Board

President - Cooper Shebester

Vice President - Larahmy Blakley

Secretary - Cammie Stehr 

Treasure - Cyrus Kornegay

Reporter - Cater Kornegay

District Reps

NW - Zack Geisler & Dayla Andersen

C - Macy Heman & Kreas Richard

NE - Emma Jo Holland, Marcela WIlmoth &Taylor Bordenkircher 

SE -  Kya Rhodes

SW - Ally Angelly, Konner Shebester & Jandi Hurley

About Us

The purpose of the OCCA is to be an organization involved in youth activities, livestock showing and other related activities. The organization shall record and preserve the records of sanctioned club calf competitions annually; and publish a summary of the results. It should stimulate competition, promote professional showmanship among 4-H and FFA exhibitors and promote standard show policies and rules. It is also to award the top individual exhibitors of the OCCA throughout the course of one fiscal year, based on the total number of points accumulated within a given OCCA breed division.

Adult Board

President/SE District Rep - Rindy Bacon 

Vice President/ NW District Rep - Tiffani Pruitt

Treasurer/ NW District Rep - Bryan Chrz

Secretary/At-Large - Amy Shout 

Central District Rep - Morgan Satterwhite 

Northeast District Rep - Erica Boyer 

At-Large/ Youth Director - Rhonda Elizondo 

At-Large/ Youth Director - Billie Chrz 

Ex-Officio/ At-Large - Jay Grossnicklaus 

Appointed Directors 

Appointed 1 - Roxane Mock 

Appointed 2 - Susan Gebhard

Appointed 3/Scholarship - Kristie Clark 

Appointed 4 - Lyle Blakley

Appointed 5 - Phillip Cowley 

Advisory Council 

Advisory Council 1 - Jenna Brower 

Advisory Council 2 - Jake Grossnicklaus 

Executive Secretary - Reighly Blakley

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